Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has the College been serving the churches of our Association?

    Since 1892. The College was founded in Dublin.

  • What is the primary aim of the College?

    To prepare Christians to serve in leadership in a variety of roles including (but not exclusively) pastoral, missionary, youth, ladies' work and RE teaching.

  • What is the College's main undergraduate degree course called?

    The Preparation for Ministry Course. There are two degree paths - Bachelor of Divinity or Bachelor of Theology.

  • What is the name of the university that validates the Preparation for Ministry course?

    The University of Chester.

  • How many students are enrolled in the Preparation for Ministry Course?

    There are approximately fifty students. There is an active postgraduate programme with forty students and also upwards of 125 evening class students.

  • How is the College funded?

    By student fees (approximately 75%) and donations (approximately 25%) from churches and individuals. Without the support of the churches, fees would be too high for students to afford.

  • What do the letters "MPS" stand for?

    Ministry Partnership Scheme - this is a partnership between the College and the churches (or another organisation) to give a student up to two years' experience in an assistant or apprentice role. The scheme offers a small amount of financial support but can only do so if the College is fully funded.

  • How many Baptist churches have appointed recent graduates of the College as pastors in the last 3 years?

    Fourteen and six assistants in Ireland, with a further four in Great Britain.

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