Judith Whittaker

Preparation for Ministry

2009 - 2012

As a Co. Tyrone girl (19 when I first attended IBC), I became a Christian at the age of 7 or 8. I fellowship at Stonepark Baptist Church where I'm involved with the Youth Fellowship. During the summer I am actively involved with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) outreach.

I believe that IBC was the place God 'called' me to study, although I may not be fully aware of all the reasons God has behind 'why I went to college' but I'm very thankful that I did go!

I Enrolled at IBC straight after school to take the undergraduate degree in Theology. Successful Completion of the Theology degree would allow me to get into the PGCE teaching course, which had been my intention for some time, and allow me to study further. The degree was completed through the College's Preparation for Ministry programme, a 3 year course which I studied between 2009 & 2012.

Since completing my degree at IBC I have been studying a PG Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and have successfully completed a Masters in the course. I will be moving on to do a PGCE at Queens for R.E Teaching at Secondary level.

I LOVED my time at IBC and will always look back on it with fond memories. The degree itself has a huge relevance for teaching R.E and I know much of what I learnt in class during my time in college will be of immense benefit to the subject I will be teaching. The course itself provides ample opportunity to learn more about God's Word both on a personal but also deeper academic level. There are a variety of interesting and insightful subjects to study on the course. The degree part of the course is obviously academic and requires hard work but the other aspect is the practical nature of the Preparation for Ministry course. I found this part of the course to be very beneficial to the different youth meetings and CEF ministries I volunteer with.

The practical aspect is a challenge, it requires you to be pushed out of your comfort zone but it is where you learn the most, it is a great way to develop character and confidence and to hone the skills and talents God has given or alternatively to enlighten you with talents you maybe never realised you had. College life in general was a great benefit also. It's a small close knit community in itself and it is a place where I grew in my walk with God, made some great friends and also perfected my table tennis skills during lunch and break time.

God really blessed me during my time of study at IBC in so many ways. The fellowship and fun and bond of unity amongst the students, lecturers and other members of staff can't quite be put into words adequate enough to describe it - you would have to come and see for yourself!!!

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