I chose the Irish Baptist College because of their excellent combination of both academic theological training and practical Christian living

Nathanael McCabe

College Fees

Fees Schedule (EU Students) 2022-2023

Costs per annum, unless indicated otherwise.

Preparation for Ministry - BD, BTh, (Chester, continuing students only) £5500

 Includes University Enrolment fee and College Diploma: Student Tuition Loan = £4630; Top up = £870

Graduate Diploma £3900 Including University Enrolment fee and College one year Certificate (Part-time is £1950)
Day Release £725  
Gap Year in Theology £1200  
Evening Class, LSF, WMC £280  
University of Chester - MA £650  For each 20 credit module (full programme is 180 credits)
Single Lecture £20  
Accommodation £1450

Term time only (24 Weeks). £1200 for double/twin.

Individual College Modules £200  


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