It has enabled me to grow in my appreciation and understanding of the scriptures while giving me ample opportunities to put my learning into practice in local church settings.

Henry Capper

The Undergraduate Programme

The demands on those involved in Christian ministry have never been greater. Students in training require a programme that develops a deeper knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. In addition they need to learn the practical skills essential to sustain long-term ministry in whatever setting they are called to. Our major undergraduate (UG) route is the ‘Preparation for Ministry’ course which aims to give students the key building blocks to enable them to be better equipped to minister. This programme has come out of many years’ experience of theological education at the College and reflects the experience gained working with churches and mission organisations in practical placements. It is both academically rigorous and vocationally focussed.

Undergraduate Objectives

The UG Course enables students to:

  • handle Scripture in a way that is sensitive to both the original and contemporary contexts.
  • understand the nature and implications of a radical commitment to the authority of Scripture.
  • reflect on issues of ministry, mission, society/culture and personal development.
  • develop attitudes and skills for understanding ministry and its demands in the modern world.
  • develop attitudes and skills for sustaining long-term ministry.
  • develop skills and abilities to enable others to think and live biblically.

For further information about Undergraduate study, please contact the Registrar using the contact form or by calling 028 9261 9267.

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